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tv   [untitled]    February 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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peacemaking mission delegation led by russia's foreign minister heads to damascus as bloodshed in syria meant against a backdrop of diplomatic clashes. greece sacrifices fifteen thousand more jobs to use its international creditors. to ravish population the general strike. into libyan dissidents. six by agency. cooperation. to take back in the spotlight.
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twenty four hours a day this is out. syria could get another chance diplomatic escape route from its political crisis. on tuesday. widespread international. u.n. security council and swelling violence within syria. over the moral that's out there what's the russian delegation aiming to achieve that. will first of all russians geishas syria what it was trying to achieve is for the two sides of the conflict to sit down at the negotiation table and talk now russia's delegation to syria is headed by the country's foreign minister sergei lavrov and him together with intelligence chiefs. a very message from the president be good if the president message that is calling on for some serious democratic changes in the country and early russian president did not exclude the possibility that those democratic changes can include president assad stepping down if violence from both
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sides does not stop this comes up. russia vetoed the u.n. security council's resolution on syria for the second time earlier varsha had asked the un security council to not rush in with the voting on the resolution and give russian authorities a chance to visit damascus to talk to president assad once again however that request was ignored which russia found rather disrespectful meanwhile the u.s. has shut down its embassy in syria and british ambassador was recalled from syria for consultations and it looks like new resolutions are just around the corner for more on russia's attempt to prevent the repetition of libyan scenario in syria here's this report by sarah ferguson. divisive on every level syrian crisis displaced opinion from the streets to the international stage the united states is disgusted that a couple members of this council continue to prevent us from fulfilling our sole
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purpose here this is a doomed regime as well as a murdering regime there is no way it can get its credibility back internationally or with its own people. it's when you come in when you realize that you see what a mistake russia is making by backing this regime too many in the west russia's decision along with china to veto the u.n. resolution on syria is difficult to understand america's u.n. envoy described the decision to show you full and he's the countries of attempting to sell out the syrian people and of shielding a tyrant the right from the very beginning and russia has been very clear on its stance of the quite this in syria and in its continued calls for dialogue. alongside calls for the government to withdraw its troops from cities we wanted to demand the armed groups also leave the cities and stop the ongoing attempts to take over residential areas now suggestions were vehemently rejected by the co-sponsors
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of the text. co-sponsors. i'm more interested in simply finding somebody to blame drawing attention away from the armed groups as a receiving arms and other kinds of encouragement from abroad the west has leveled heavy criticism and most case continued arms trade with syria saying it's backing the is standing regime has been a valukas however is russia's continued efforts to mediate with all sides of the conflict we speak with the head a serious internal opposition the national called a nation council he met with a russian delegation recently we asked how they viewed russia's stance russia said they are not against the will of the syrian people do you stand with the syrian people and the legitimate demands we asked to do support the syrian people and do whatever will protect them from violence and killing otherwise their position should be considered a sttng with the regime with these tell you and russia's unwillingness to join the economic sanctions most game may have a hard time convincing the west of its neutrality of course russia much more
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careful towards all sort of because after that i do from libya will could see is a person country as a nato country doesn't want to for the result was a use. zero a cynical process. libya was north for absorbed but not total board as there usually on libya was. but not the. same and as the political tit for tat continues to play out an increasingly polarized population and watching their lives and country brought to a standstill sanctions a crippling the economy and the increase in violence is raising the death toll daily the geo political wrangling now seems to be overshadowing the issue of basic human rights for the people living in syria. and while. to receive harsh remarks a mixed move to veto
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a draft resolution on syria if the times correspondent. says the u.s. should be criticized. i would start paraphrasing susan rice i would say that the international community is the real one not made to and seeks a persian gulf monarchies in the g.c.c. is this guy just it by the travesty of repeated us vetoes in a de un when ever the topic of israel comes so israel us can veto any c. regarding israel is or can keep but killing men and women and children palestine but obviously russia and china they cannot block a reason lucian that he poses regina change in syria so what are you going to see from now want is a radicalization and that's already happening so this means. the rebels in syria the free syrian army who keep being armed and weaponized by not only qatar and
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saudi arabia which is already happening for months not but specially by the united states the resolution is not blaming in fact unarmed rection as well can you imagine if you have a mid-size city in the united states called troll but ending suresh how do you think the response of the u.s. government would be. on the u.s. to hit syria with comic sanctions pays a political analyst online magazine spiked so the sanctions were in the home the people want the president. well i think in many ways it's going to exacerbate if it does mean the dialogue gets off gets taken off the table it does mean that the west will try and intervene in other ways. as we've seen in the last few months that effectively the arab league kind of step in and to monitor and effectively become the lackeys of western interests to
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a certain extent so so i think the more that the west kind of. moves itself from syria the more pressure and we're hearing with e.u. now sanctions as well the more actually i think the syrian people will suffer as a result through any western intervention you will have you know the syrian people effectively having their democratic initiative taken from their hands and effectively you know you have western countries trying to give them democracy instead which historically has been proven not to be the case but also sanctions aren't going to really affect president are sad and the kind of cronies in charge sanctions will have a direct impact upon the syrian people i always think it's very cruel and also quite patronize thing to say let's impose sanctions because i mean ultimately it's going to be the people on the ground that get hurt by this and the idea that they affect the need to be made hungry or impoverished to rise up you know i think it's . also actually quite inhumane. still to come on the program soldier of good
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fortune the u.s. army private nobel peace prize the same activist that signals the lifetime. behind his nomination. and western economic warfare against iran tehran find yourself unable to play our financial transactions round about but it sounds to me it's all around some from the bank. fifteen thousand more greek jobs last is the latest blow from austerity measures adopted by athens to appease its international creditors the employment cuts are especially worrying that greek economy is in year three four countries hopes now rest. hundred twenty billion. between bankers and the government on getting a precondition being that austerity measures and honest and. even if that ends does
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get the cash if you have no hope of repaying interest. to years now we are living through i hear all of austerity measures that are going on measures that they are put all the burdens to the poorest to the weakest members of our society and our debt you state of be reduced is get inflated so i don't have any hope to visit new measures it is the same as if we continue to put money into our debt or store credit cards and to drink our economy lead in the lead they need even more austere recession this massive privatization they are pushing to us actually they are nothing but a scheme to give up our public infrastructure infrastructure our public property to foreigners and especially big german enterprises school now greece is a kind of experiment for all european union they're just trying to impose to us or stated measures the salaries they dismantlement of their protective legislation for the workers that later they are going to try to impose rather people starting from
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the people and the counters of the south we do not want this continuous sacrifices sacrifices without any kind of cope. well germany and france have also called for more control over greasy sponsors including future but he notes it was an attempt by berlin to assume control of the country's budget. by the debt nation that's one of the themes featured in today's kinds of reports coming up to seven thirty g.m.t. . not taking into consideration is that all of this debt is off the balance sheet and all the. immediately to the bank and germany so germany has effectively seize control of greece they've seized control of portugal they will soon be totally in control of spain and they're totally in control of the euro zone it's all legal remember they put all that bad debt off the balance sheet you don't have interest rate risk you have political risk in the countries that are not germany
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germany doesn't have a political risk because they are europe. the former head of britain's m i six by agency samoa island he's being sued by two dissident libyans he allegedly helped arrest and deport to condone torture as in two thousand and four their case against substance the identification of that is to the colonel congratulating him on the turn of the prisoners he's never been it has the story. abducted imprisoned and tortured for six years all thanks to british government held those are the claims of two former gadaffi detainees who say they were captured by m i six flown to libya in two thousand and four abdul haq him is now libya's military commander along with sami al saadi he was part of the libyan islamic fighting group they're suing
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a former british spy chief for complicity in their torture to me the most damaging aspect is just how much the british were involved in even just two cases of sending senior people back to libya and then the potential damages how much they knew about the nature of gadhafi is regime and how he and his officials were torturing prisoners that that should have been obvious documents found in tripoli by human rights watch seemingly expose britain's key role in the libyans rendition within m i six counterterrorism chief says mark allen pulling the strings he allegedly writes in one letter sent to get daffy spy chief moose. i congratulate you on the sofa arrival of our last a geek mr hard this was the least we could do for you and for libya. the papers show the cia seized in bangkok thanks to an m i six tipoff saadi was
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supposedly snatched by the m i six in hong kong both men were sent straight to libya and the notorious abu salim prison where they say they were tortured there are statements from calle thirteen. that they. are they do not wish torture to happen. in the context of good at. those sorts of statements of western essence everyone would have known that there was an extremely high risk indeed almost certainty that these individuals will and would be tortured but by that point the british government's love in with good daffy had already begun turning him from desperate to darling and it wasn't just good daffy you reap the rewards it's a mark alan was britain's negotiator in what was a two way deal it was in this exclusive london clubs of marco and said to have met moosic you say get out his intelligence chief the alleged occasion a top secret dinner to celebrate the end of negotiations libya gets
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a seat at the international table in return for scrapping its weapons program and giving britain a lucrative oil contract one worth fifteen billion pounds went to b.p. in two thousand and four the same company alan had just joined even allegations the controversial release of lockerbie bomber mcgraw he was part of the same shady deal to find them well and refuses to comment on the claims against him if b m i six hasn't denied complicity in torture with the government saying all actions had its approval a long standing get out clause but maybe not now the secret's out so we know that ministers in the. sort of facts of complicity that those ministers themselves should face criminal prosecution a civil case against marco island could be just the tip of the iceberg. it seems between the british. police have launched
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a criminal investigation to see just how far up the tree complicity may have gone. but we also have more revelations on the sinister nature of the torture networks on our website. you can find out about the demise of the former ambassador to their. custody. these are the images. from the streets of kenya. barack obama has approved a fresh set of strong sanctions against iran's financial institutions u.s. now has frozen the rain assets and transactions involving the country's central bank. says it's all part of
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a pre-election political game. in terms of threats coming from the u.s. special a distance is sanctions against iran central bank i think that they're mostly. directed. the mystic consumption in the united states as we get closer to the presidential elections in the u.s. we see that each side trying to see as being more as being tough. and this is another move by president obama to satisfy either is idols or the supporters of his campaign is sad to see that the u.s. is undermining the work the. fantastic work that the i.a.e.a. is doing with iran and iran itself is trying very hard to keep the environment professional in the face of the recent assassination of uranium scientists which really was a big blow to the relationship between iran and the i.a.e.a. . i mean while iran's foreign minister says tehran is taking measures to prevent
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further assassinations of its scientists you also announced her own once international action besta gating the deaths of its nuclear experts. director of international studies at trinity college scientists are on the now simply afraid to leave their homes. what war is rather striking because very few people are talking about the assassinations of iranian scientists dis is striking because the un did release a very definite statement the nonaligned movement has released a statement condemning the assassination of the scientists but there's been no word from the atlantic powers condemning this act of terrorism in the streets of tehran and according to my sources scientists in iran are now feel full of going outside conducting the every day of business after a one of the scientists was shot sitting in his car we think too because his
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daughter from a daycare center that means ordinary activities have become very fine to scientists . right right and details on that story and more on our website our team got a look at what else is that way to. get this isn't empty handed are there i think millions of dollars worth of jewelry stolen and russian imports. and occupy wall street most of the classroom there is one risk cornered the principal for studying the campaign and all about it online there are lots of. us soldier bradley manning who is now awaiting a court martial trial on suspicion of possible data to whistleblower wiki leaks has been nominated for the nobel peace prize and icelandic parliamentary group called
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the movement putting forward saying expose corruption war crimes. detail and member of the group explains why it is an obligation. bradley manning to serve his honor because the. criminal or long whistle on war crimes it is not a criminal act to blow the whistle war crimes or to blow the whistle on any crime and we feel that. by these leaks for example the media collateral murder. the wall. and. people that have. called there may to the war in afghanistan in iraq through their governments need to know what is really going on there and by knowing what is going on there and we see this in can apply more pressure on or got the minutes to be accountable for the crimes that have been
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put down in our name we do not. let the bradley manning case. b. the house appears in just treatment course of decidedly on people with courageous people who want to do lucy duty by reporting on crimes who are. state military. let's take a look at some other international headlines and brief. manias opposition so it won't support the president's nominee for the new prime minister the former head of the foreign intelligence services to form his cabinet ministers was planning to have sixty days to prove it country's government collapsed on monday weeks of protest still tickets reduced to twenty ten to secure financial aid from the e.u. . delegation to the us has a cancelled a series of meetings with senators as political tensions between the countries
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escalates. and. members including one thousand americans about allegations they are using foreign funds to support the recent. move comes amid growing demands. from the civilian government. of the latest business news is coming up next hour korea. hello and welcome to your business update a site here on r.t. cold weather sweeping across europe has revealed a weakness in its gas supply meanwhile the spot market has shot up to its highest level since two thousand and six however according to custom separte c.e.o. there is no such surplus gas in the system and in effect the market is an illusion of energy analyst maria globo explains why that's the case. the question about the sport markets is very. let's remember this tory two or three years ago when.
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crisis happened the. consumption dropped down but according to do long term quantrill so european companies had to buy the same amount of gas which were contract in order not to pay penalties but they really consumed less than they buy and they tried to sold is this market in order to earn something instead of paper and this created billick really did today. help to develop disport markets but today we have another situation we have with the situation when demond. the supply and that's why we have i think the. trading cops let's take a look at the markets now or first and it's trading flat to negative this hour u.s. crude futures reached a six month high on monday as cold weather in europe used heating fuel to mount sweet is trading at almost ninety seven dollars per barrel while brant is slightly
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below one hundred and sixteen dollars let's head to asia no stocks in japan and china are heading south following also on wall street investors are concerned that we may be at a rising risk of a messy default suki motor corp is losing over one percent of the nikkei after posting a profit slide of just of the five percent during the april december period energy stocks are bucking the trend in hong kong with china oil and gas group rising one and a half percent. and it let's it's less than two hours ahead of the opening bell here in moscow on monday the russian markets closed mixed looking ahead to the coming trading sessions alexander go up sell from grow see warns that two of the biggest sectors of the russian market metals and mining and financials look overbought. lit up two sectors. overbought. metals and my. and financial sector stocks financials. on the upside on financials sort be kept due
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to the large private lives of four insurance reach a new vet are likely exceed ten billion dollars in the next couple of months while metals and mining stocks all very discount but each year always it's a matter of metals prices rose police here sole you girl you have an opportunity if the technical opportunity it would be a good point tool to sell short and some stocks in the sector is better on a good quarter which is getting close to that and dissipated price sell for as your knowledge on how the tribbles. about fifty five minutes with.
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a little. from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand severe problem is not enough inpatient beds not enough urgency department beds and not enough nurses to man those that take care of all the people who are the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is a firefighter i didn't want to do and i started out going to just do fire fighting
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it's about eighty two percent of what we do the florida problem is medical i've had a rescue couple weeks ago waited four hours for i've waited sometimes three hours but i wouldn't say same francis in lynnwood for four hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall of patients and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care in an emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least.
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the closest team has been to the whole bar of screen just for the country's little wealth starts its way across the ocean. now our team goes to the area. was named after lenin could look into a different character to represent itself. for local businesses are striving to build the aviation capital of russia. and for the four by fours are made and can be tested to the limit. welcome to the old yellow screech of. russia close up. of the for. the fifty feet it's easy if
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defused the. political elite.


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